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    My name is Flynn and I am about 2-3 years old and a Jack Russel type neutered male. I am small in size but is big in character!

    I came from an awful situation; I and another dog (Fia, who has since been homed) were abandoned in a back garden and when found we were emaciated. I was so glad when people came and found us. I have bounced back very well though and I am in great health now.

    I am a very busy little fella and any home looking to welcome me will need to be prepared to give me a job! Don’t let my adorable cuteness fool you, I am ALL terrier and all on for work to do.

    I will need to work for my food, get to investigate new places, be engaged in lots of training and given plenty of outlets for my terrier-ways. In return I will learn super fast (I am very clever) and be ready for all the adventures….and cuddles….I am an expert cuddler.

    Because of my working-attitude, I get very excited and prepared to go-go-go very quickly, so frustration can motivate some unwanted behaviour if not managed correctly. Even though I am super-busy, I am not terribly obnoxious about it and I don’t harass you into giving me attention…. but if not provided with work to do will go off and find my own entertainment .

    I LOVE my grub and am super-crazy-trainable – according to the training lady….she was very impressed with clever Flynn. I am crate trained already – nailed that pretty quickly if I do say so myself. I am also incredibly tolerant of human handling and proximity, and I love people. I can live as an only dog or with a calmer, bigger dog.

    I need a home with space to potter about so I am not really going to suit apartment living. My new owners need to be ACTIVE and provide me with training, enrichment and exercise opportunities throughout the day. I can spend some time alone too. I am a lovely wee dog to live with, once I have had some work to do.

    If you can offer me the loving forever home I deserve please fill out our adoption form.

    Here I am in action: 

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