Homes Needed


My name is Cara and I am a little collie type female aged 12-18 months. I am petite, so smaller than thank I look in these pictures.I am super sweet and soft and I am looking for a quiet adult home with patient humans who will help me grow in confidence. Don’t let my angelic face fool you though, I am smart as a whip, super trainable (will do anything for treats) and I am becoming an excellent human-trainer 

Once I know and trust my humans I am happy to relax and play like a puppy. I love chew toys and to play tug of war. I also love my food. As I said, I am one smart cookie. I know sit, lie down and have learned to follow my humans and to touch their hand for food. I am not a big fan of cats though – those guys scare me! I am a little nervous of strange men at first and not a big fan of sudden noises but I am learning all the normal household noises and getting used to them in my foster home. I am house trained and learning lots about living in a home environment. My new people need to be prepared to continue with my training, including lead training.
I am neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped.I am looking for a quiet adult home, ideally in a rural area (with secure garden) with someone who is willing to put a little time into building my confidence.

If you can offer me the loving home I deserve please fill out our foster or adoption form.



My name is Elwood and I am a stunning lurcher boy aged 12-18 months. I am great with all dogs, even little ones but I am not a fan of cats so I need a home without those guys, I am a lovely, steady boy,well behaved in the house and house trained. I am a friend;ly boy and love to play.. I am good on lead and good in car and can’t wait to find my forever home.

I am looking for a home either as an only dog or with another dog pal. I am neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. If you can offer me the loving forever home I deserve please go and fill out adoption form.


My name is Flynn and I am a 2 year old scruffy terrier mix male. I am a happy go lucky chap now but I was found abandoned and starving in a garden. I am good with other dogs and people but I would like to chase cats.

I am good in car, house trained and crate trained and love to play in the garden with toys. I am a busy little guy so will need a fairly active home. I am very food motivated so super trainable. I settle well at night and enjoy cuddles on the couch before settling in my crate where I sleep all night without a peep.

I am neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. If you can offer me the loving forever home I deserve please fill out our adoption form.



My name is Hope and I am a 3-4 year old minature jack russell female. I came from Waterford pound and was a bit bedraggled with very tattered ears but I am now looking and feeling much better and am neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped.

I am a VERY sweet little lady. I am good with other dogs, good on lead and in the car. I am house trained and crate trained and I am in foster with a cat so I could live with a confident cat that won’t run away (once introduced properly).

I am in foster with children aged 6+ so I could be rehomed to a similar family environment. I love my walks but I am also quite happy to curl up on laps. I love playing ball and working food out of dog toys.

I have won the hearts of all who have met me with my sweet and gentle nature – I am very clever that way . If you can offer me a suitable forever home  please  fill out our adoption form.


Roderick & Stewart

Roderick & Stewart

We are Roderick & Stewart and we are two fabulous Chinese Crested boys. We are not Siblings but are aged 1 year (Roderick) and 18 months (Stewart). We are super friendly boys and get along really well with both cats and dogs, as well as people of course. We love cuddles and we are LOTS OF FUN. We are quite high energy dogs so need an active home. We are ok on the lead and not stressed with trafficduring walks. We are good in the car, especially if we share the crate. We are crate trained and sleep happily in our crate at night.

We love our treats and food in general. We are getting better with our toilet training so new owners would need to be prepared to continue with that. We are better suited for a family with older children. We have no problem making friends with anyone, big or small. We need to be kept warm so coats and jumpers essential.

We can be homed together or go to separate homes. If we go together, ADL will discuss ways to keep the peace – adopting two similar aged and type rescue dogs is not always plain sailing.

We met a lovely lady at AniEd last week and here is what she had to say about each of us:
Stewart is a little more sensitive and quieter than Rod. He is confident, outgoing and very friendly. He is a little worried by sudden noises but is easily redirected and LOVES hotdog. He enjoys cuddles and massages, and is very affectionate.He is a little worried by sudden or invasive handling, and shows very, very mild food guarding – no freezing, whale eye or growling, but just would prefer some space and time to eat his yummy Kong (we ALL like a little space when eating!!).

Roderick is a live wire! He is super friendly and confident, loves to be in on all the action. He prefers not to be picked up too much and can get a little over-excited when greeting and meeting new people, and may mouth gently a bit. Roderick finds the world a very exciting place, and is just such a happy-chappy!

This breed will need special attention to being kept warm and their skin cared for. They prefer to be fed a good quality wet food, ideally from Kong toys, which they love! These guys are in great health so will just require maintenance throughout their lives.

Although Chinese Crested are considered toy breeds, these guys are in it for fun and will need active lives.
They don’t quite have the right conformation for agility, and will need further training. They will need plenty of adventure and play every day too!

They are neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. If you thing you can offer these fun guys the loving home they deserve please fill out our adoption form.
Here we are in action: