• Success Stories: Bonzo has been rehomed!

    My name is Bonzo (formerly Arthur) and I am a medium-sized, male mix-breed, who is about 12-18 months of age. A Dog’s Life are not sure of my breed but I may have some spaniel in there (check out my lovely speckles), but what’s sure is that I am a whole lot of sweetheart!


    Bonzo (formerly Arthur)

    I was found dumped with two other siblings, who have since been rehomed. I was the shy-est in the pound so needed some TLC, and I am blossoming in foster care. I am a sensitive boy, but very sweet and friendly. I am not fearful, but I am a very appeasing fella. I like some reassurance and to make sure I can be friends with all.

    I am fully grown (and very handsome), and I am in good health. I am short coated and won’t require too much grooming. I am an active young dog, who loves to sniff, explore and play. I will need at least one good walk every day, for about 45-60 minutes, with the opportunity to sniff. I will also need a couple of games and training sessions every day too. I am super smart and love to work for my food from Kongs and puzzles. I like to play fetch games, and with building confidence, tug games too.

    I am a very loving boy and will like to snuggle up to my humans for some chill-out time. I will need further basic training, but I am very food motivated and training will be a pleasure – I promise 🙂. I can happily pass people, traffic and other dogs without too much fuss. I would love to greet everyone (all friends I have not met yet 🙂), but I am quite easy to encourage on my way.

    My ideal home would be with another dog for company, but I would be fine as an only dog too. I have not met any cats yet so not sure that sharing a home with a cat would be for me (or the cat)! I am coming along great with crate training and can spend some time confined in my crate with a yummy stuffed Kong on my own.

    I am not a noisy or vocal dog, and am not too excitable but I am a young guy about town, so expect plenty of lively energy! I am a soft, sweet dog, who will make an excellent family pet and companion.

    I am neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. I am looking for a home with another dog or as an only dog and can go with children aged 10+ or an adult home as I have not been in foster with young kids. If you think you can offer me a suitable loving home please fill out our adoption form.


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